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CNC Milling

Our expertise lays in custom, quick-turn manufacturing of prototypes with tight tolerances and complex features that require 5-axis machining.

Quality Assurance

Having advanced modern inspection equipment allows us to hold tolerances up to +/- .01mm. Because of this, we can assure that assemblies will accurately and effortlessly fit together. We regularly provide customers with first article inspection reports (FAI). In addition, we can provide material certifications and trace-ability back to the foundry that poured the molten metal.


Expert Customer Support from our Manufacturing & Mechincal Engineers

CNC Turning

Our turning equipment consists of three HAAS CNC turning centers and a Hardinge super precision lathe. These machines allow us to produce very accurate turned components that otherwise would be impossible. Our HAAS turning center is equipped with an automatic bar feeder which allow us to run production quantities light-out without any human intervention.

CNC Machining

Manufacturing provides precision CNC machining services including milling and turning. We service Fortune 1000 companies in a variety of industries. Our expert CNC machinists use state-of-the-art equipment so we can meet or exceed our clients’ high quality standards. We have experience machining parts with a wide variety of materials. We can provide a fast turnaround on everything from prototypes to full production runs. Contact Die Makers Manufacturing for a competitive quote today!


Manufacturing features an in-house, full-service tool room to design, build and maintain all of your tooling. Before we ship your die, we run it in one of our many presses in order to debug them. We will have your die running to your speed and quality specifications before we ship it to you.

Design and Engineering

Golden Scale precision has a highly skilled team of engineers, ready to meet all of your design needs. We use a variety of applications including the most up-to-date 3D die and stamping software to bring your visions to life. Our designers and tool makers work closely with our customers to provide insight into cost reduction areas in all phases of the die build.

Metal Stamping

We are not a stamping house but we do offer stamping services to our tool and die customers. We are able to assist them with capacity or overflow issues.

Fiber Laser Cutting

With our 4k watt Fiber Laser, Die Makers can cut your metal parts quickly and accurately. We can laser small, intricate pieces or larger parts up to 4 feet long. Additionally, with our Accu Press 6′ 30 ton hydraulic Press Break, we can provide additional forming services. Die Makers can supply you with a variety of items including shims, prototype parts, or small production runs. We have many common materials on hand. Therefore, we can provide a quick turnaround on your project. Contact us today for a quote!