Plastic Injection Moulding

Mold creation

When you give us the drawings of the order, we will begin mold making process.At a Nice speed,  the molds are produced in-house. Producing the molds will be advantageous to you as a client and the security of your design will be fully protected; it will reduce your overall cost as well as saving the producting cost.

Simply speaking, the molds are hollow metal cavities that have the capabilities of producing more than a thousand identical plastic parts.

Producing Plastic Parts in Record Time

If you want to order thousands of identical plastic parts ,we will offer a wide variety of services with the ultimate convenience and simplicity. Effective and dont lose quality are always our goal!

Injection molding

The injection molding process works very effectively, the plastic pellets are injected into the mold which is in turn liquified using superheat. Once all the molten plastics are cooled, it will perfectly form all the molds producing complex shapes and geometries.